Root & Bloom

Carbon Maxx F255 / Indoor-Outdoor, Hydroponics

CARBON MAXX F255 a specially designed Rooting and Flowering formula that ensures your plants will grow a strong and large root mass during early development stages and fully developed blooms and resinous flowers during the flowering stages of the growth cycle. Plants have similar nutrition requirements when trying to grow roots or flowers.  

Because of this we have developed an easy to use formula that supplies the optimum amount of Phosphorus and Potassium to support early root growth and

flower production.

CARBON MAXX F255 works great indoors and outdoors in any growing medium, and is an easy to use formula for both establishing a strong root system during early growth stages as well as providing the necessary nutrients to sustain and nourish the plants throughout the mid/late flowering stages.

Benefits for Flowering:

CARBON MAXX’S unique nutrient package in F255 enables a much higher rate of absorption of nutrients by the plant providing a higher quality yield by developing:

• Fully developed flowers

• Enhanced resin production

• Increased terpene content

• Increased production weight

• Compact flower production

Benefits for Rooting:

Professional grade macro-nutrients, including ortho-phosphate, and a unique blend of micro-nutrients combined with our very low salt index will enable the plant to develop:

• Establish early root system

• Grow large root mass

• Minimize transplant stress

CARBON MAXX F255 is sure to “Show you the Green” at the end of the season and is an optimal choice to include in your growing program. Using F255 in combination with CARBON MAXX’S other products will help achieve the best results possible from your garden.  Look for LHC, V795 and V1084 to get the full Carbon Maxx program running through your grow today!


High Yielding, Unique Micro-Nutrient Formula

Professional Grade Nutrients, 100% Soluble

Indoor / Outdoor - All Growing Mediums, Including Hydroponic

pH Balanced / Low Salt / Indoor-Outdoor Plant Food

• Low Odor

• pH Balanced

• Extreme Low Salt Index

• Enhanced Root Development

• Excellent Bloom Creation