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Carbon Maxx Potassium Silicate


Many benefits can come from the use of good potassium silicate product in your feeding program. Increased tolerance to stress caused by cold, heat, drought, wilt, water and soil toxicity or deficiency. It can provide increased root growth in clones by as much as 50%-80% and increased foliage, use of silicate with new seedlings and clones has been know to help speed up and increase plant growth.


Is a natural fungicide that helps plants fight insects, fungi that comes from the earth. Potassium Silicate is an active ingredient that can be used as a fungicide, insecticide and miticide. Potassium Silicate can be used as a broad spectrum of preventative fungicide with maximum control when used as a spray application. Potassium Silicate helps the plants growth by depositing it self epidermal cell walls, improving the plant's ability to keep the leaves pointed north to the provided light. It will increase stem strength allowing the plant to support more weight. It will help with balancing nutrient uptake and distribution of nutrients throughout the plant and with increase root development, it will also help the plant access more nutrients from the soil. When silicate uptake by the plant it will start with the older growth and work its way to the newer growth to create and build up mechanical strength of the plant. Potassium Silicate is approved for use on a variety of fruits, nut bearing trees, vines, turf and agricultural crops.

The end results of CARBON MAXX POTASSIUM SILICATE will help with the flowering stage(reproductive) and process of your plants. Increase tolerance in zinc deficiencies, excessive phosphorus, manganese, sodium and aluminum toxicity. Potassium is required by all plant and animal life to survive, therefore a continuous use of potassium silicate is extremely important and it is a must for all serious gardeners.


Strengthen Roots and Stems

pH Neutral / Low Salt / No Burn Formula

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